Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures 2020/21

Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic, the following policies and procedures may need to change within the school year. 


September 9th        Lessons begin

October 12th            Thanksgiving Day - no lesson

October 31st            Halloween - no lesson

November 11th        Remembrance Day - no lesson

December 16th        Last lesson before Winter break

January 4th             Lessons resume

March 17th             St. Patrick’s Day - lessons optional

April 10th             Easter break - no lessons

April 20th                 Lessons resume

May 18th                  Victoria Day - no lesson

June 25th             Last day of regular lessons 

**Summer lessons are available in July and August with flexible scheduling


An invoice will be sent to you before your first lesson of the month. Payment is due before or at the lesson by e-transfer  to johanna.jaborascott@gmail.com. Please note that late payments exceeding 30 days will result in immediate termination of lessons. Please let me know if you would like to pay by term instead of by month.


*If you have an account on my website, you can cancel and reschedule lessons through your portal.

If a lesson is cancelled with six (6) hours notice, two options will be made available to you:
1) You may reschedule the lesson within a week of the cancelled lesson as time allows.

2) Two lessons in each semester will be made up at another time. 

Make-up lessons will not be rescheduled once a date and time is decided on. I will offer options at the time of the cancellation for when the make-up lesson might be scheduled. If you do not schedule a make-up lesson at that time, it is your responsibility to schedule a make-up lesson before the end of the term. No refunds will be offered for lessons cancelled by students. Cancellation notice can be given through text, voice message, or e-mail. If you have signed up for an account on my website, you can also manage lessons through your account.

Lessons that are cancelled less than six hours in advance or exceeding the limit of allowed cancellations will not be refunded. Exceptions will be permitted for emergencies and illness.

In the event that I must cancel a lesson and I am unable to do a make-up lesson, I will either add a credit to your next invoice or refund your money. In the event of a storm day, lessons will be done online. Various platforms can be used. If you have not done online lessons before, please choose a video conferencing platform and let me know your preference. I am happy to offer a ten minute test video conference to make sure your connection and setup is working. If online lessons are not possible, students will be responsible for scheduling a make-up lesson. No refunds will be given if the student is unable to do a make-up lesson.

Health and Safety 

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the following measures will be put in place:

-Anyone coming inside is expected to wear a mask for the duration of the lesson. Safety measures for flute will be discussed before the first lesson.

-Students and parents that are staying are expected to wash their hands with soap upon arrival. My washroom is on the second floor, so if doing the stairs is problematic, hand sanitizer can be provided. 

-Please review with your child the importance of sneezing and coughing into the crook of the elbow, to avoid touching their faces, and maintaining physical distance. 

-IF YOU OR YOUR CHILD HAVE COLD SYMPTOMS OR A FEVER, STAY HOME. You can do an online lesson or reschedule. I promise to do the same if I have any symptoms.

-I will be disinfecting the area following each student’s lesson. 

If you are a new student, you will receive a form asking for contact information and medical history. This is so that I can both provide a safe environment for your child and act appropriately in case of emergency. 

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!