I approach lessons holistically to create a nurturing, fun, and successful environment for students. I believe each student is individual in their learning style, and I tailor each lesson to the needs of the student. Lessons are delivered visually, aurally, and tactility, ensuring students have a complete understanding of the concepts. This is achieved by threading concepts through playing, theory, reading, rhythm, improvisation, composition, and ear training. I believe this approach provides a strong foundation for students to build on as they progress.

In lessons, students will come to understand the mechanics of their instrument, the mechanics of their body, and how they come together to make a healthy, efficient, and successful musician.

I believe goals help every student grow, so I set goals with students depending on their personal interests. Goals might include public performances, exams, auditions, or learning a new skill.

I think communication is important, so I give frequent feedback to both parents and students when desired, giving students tips on how to continue progressing.